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Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition


The last Classic 500. Ever.

One of the world’s most iconic motorcycle brands, Royal Enfield, is about to release a tribute to one of its most popular models, the Classic 500.  

This very special limited edition ‘Tribute Black’, is equipped with stunning genuine accessories, including a touring rider seat and a touring passenger seat.

Only 240 units of the Classic 500 Tribute Black models have been allocated to Australia & New Zealand, and each one will carry a serial number plaque indicating its position in this very special production run.

Secure your piece of history by pre-ordering below, or contact your dealer about owning one of the last limited-edition Classic 500 Tribute Black models.

handcrafting a legacy

Each of the Classic 500 Tribute Black motorcycles are handcrafted at the iconic Oragadam factory in Chennai. The Tribute Black is hand painted with the Royal Enfield pinstripes by the Kumar brothers, celebrating this long standing Royal Enfield build tradition.


The hallmark UCE 500cc has echoed Royal Enfield’s tradition of the long stroke character, producing an unmistakable thump that has reverberated through the hearts of its riders for over a decade. In this avatar, the UCE comes in an all-black livery, complimenting the Classic 500’s timeless aesthesis.


The Classic 500 Tribute Black comes with premium leather rider & pillion seats to add to the aesthetic exclusivity of this end of build special.


Celebrating over a decade since the first UCE 500cc (unit construction engine) rolled out christening the birth of the Royal Enfield Classic in 2008, this very special Tribute Black edition is limited to just 240 units. Each of these motorcycles will carry a serial numbered plaque ensuring every Tribute Black remains unique to its owner.

Royal Enfield is one of Australia’s & New Zealand’s fastest-growing motorcycle brands with a strong dealer network, enjoying promising growth with motorcycles that appeal to a broad range of motorcyclists, from new learner riders through to returning veterans and everything in between.


Royal Enfield’s tribute to the iconic Classic 500. With only 240 Classic 500 Tribute Black models coming to Australia & New Zealand, do not miss out on securing your piece of history from the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer.

“Made Like a Gun, Since 1901.”

Pre-orders will open online at 5pm AEST, Wednesday 16th June, 2021 until 11.59pm Wednesday 23rd June, 2021. Visit the link below to secure your Classic 500 Tribute Black model.