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Royal Flush – by MotoMax

Introducing “THE ROYAL FLUSH” my version of what was lurking behind the bones of the donor bike a Royal Enfield Classic 500. The boys at MOTOMAX said, hey OLD MAN here’s a brand new Royal Enfield Classic 500 donor bike, take it away and do what you want with her. Just one condition… Bring her back!! I said OK So off we went to my shed. (Me and the 500 that is.) Now let me point this out and make it very clear this is a creaky old shed in my backyard. It’s got some tools, a dusty floor, a lot of inspiration, a little soul and not much more…But motorcycles seem to love it there… There are no Artistic Engineers, Master Craftsman, Fabulous Fabricators, Picasso Painters, or a dozen experts standing around scratching their chins trying to figure out what to do next…NO, NO, This is just an OLDMAN and a Motorcycle in a dusty shed, getting to know each other.. As time passed and the dust settled the vision became clear, below the exterior of the Royal Enfield Classic 500, lay the sleek bones of a stripped down “REAL WORLD BOBBER”. Yes. This is a bike. That after you have stopped looking at her. You just want to lean into that special kicker and fire her into action. Throw your leg over and nestle into that sumptuous leather seat, twist the throttle and take her for a BLAT..!! Whether it is… Bar Hopping, Café Stopping, or Beach Browsing, this little lane splitter is born to be ridden, the essence of a true bobber. That’s right, this is no Trailer Queen that gets carted around to shows and camera shoots. The last piece of inspiration for this build was to stay true to the Brand. “ROYAL ENFIELD”. She is as she was born pure “ROYAL ENFIELD”. That’s right “THE ROYAL FLUSH” – can’t get a better hand than that…Hope you like it…THE OLDMAN.

We know you want one, so give us a call @ MotoMAX and we will build your very own Royal Flush.

Modifications Listed Below: New tyres Bullet 500 offset front forks lowered Powder coated wheels, engine casings, rocker covers, Original bars flipped New cocktail shaker exhaust Modified kicker Heel toe shifter Velocity stack and tuning module Oilcan and Anti-gravity small case battery Custom leather seat laser engraved Hand fabricated guards Rear shocks lowered And plenty more, just keep looking…

Bike: Royal Flush
2016 Royal Enfield ‘Custom Bike Build Off’ competition
Dealership: MotoMax
28 Hutton St
Osborne Park WA 6017
PH: 08 9244 4441